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Hollywood movies are the highly influential Film all over the world. In these films they visualise the never heard of concepts and totally different world that we can’t imagine. They usually give us unique stories. They are mostly entertained ourself. Most of the Hollywood picture which are franchised are been developed in the form of series. They are profitable movies. Hollywood pictures are based on biography, series of eariler movies and also based on novels and real life incidents. Here we are presenting the upcoming movies of 2016-2017:

1) Pete’s Dragon (12 Aug 2016): The producer James Whitaker and Barrie M. Osborne makes this movie under the direction of director David Lowery. The story is written by S.S. Field and Seton I. Miller. The melody music of Pete’s dragon is given by Howard Shore. This movie comes under the Adventure and Family genre. This is a English film. It include the cast of Bryce Dallas Howard, Oakes Fegley, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Oana Laurence and Robert Redford. The distributor of this hollywood movie are Walt Disney Studios and Motion Picture.

Story: In this movie there is a wood carver named Mr. Meacham, father of forest ranger named Grace. Mr. Meacham has entertained the local children with aggressive dragon who resides in the woods of pacific Northwest, this was the fictional story made by him and her daughter get to know that his father story is just a story after meets Pete, 10 year old boy who lives in the woods without family. He states that he lives in the jungle with a green dragon named Elliot. It is exciting to see that how grace gets more info about dragon with the help of Pete and 11 year girl.

Review: This movie is the remark of 1977 movie having same name. It is the story about Pete who lives with green dragon in woods. Don’t guess and compare the story of Pete’s Dragon with Jungle Book both have different stories. In trailor we can see how Pete comes in city and shows the trust on his dragon. You can easily watch this movie with your family. It has decent story.

First Look And Poster: If we look at the official poster of this movie the we see that there are woods trees and behind one tree there is pete and his big green dragon. On poster we can see the text Disney Pete’s Dragon in theatres on August 12. This movie have total seven offical posters.

2) Kubo And The Two Strings (19 Aug 2016): The producer Travis Knight and Arianne Sutner make this movie with the help of director Travis Knight. This adventurous story is written by Marc Haimes and Chris Butler and beautifully cast by Matthew McConaughey, George Takei, Ralph Fiennes, Rooney Mara and Charlize Theron. The soulful music is given by music composer Dario Marianelli. This english movie comes under the genre of Animation, Adventure and Family. The distributor of this movie is Focus Features.

Story: In this movie a boy named Kubo lives in the small village of ancient Japan with his cared mother. Kubo life is totally changed after the all sorts of distraction of gods and monsters, some past spirits turns his life upside down without any warning and signs. Kubo father was a legendary samurai warrior, so he get his father magical suit armor to survive from all these distractions.

Review: The first trailor of this movie was out on Dec 2015, in which we can see all the lead roles like Kubo, monkey, the sitsters. The trailor starts with the message: On Every Hero’s Journey, There Is Always A Path or The One You Have Choose To Make. Movie shows adventures, an epic action in Japan. In last trailor more feautre things about Kubo are shown. We can see him with magical skills. Its trailor can explain that it has adventure story. We can expect movie will be more amazing and adventurous as its trailers are.

Poster: In the official poster of Kubo and the two strings we can see that Kubo is on boat having one magical instrument at one hand and sword in another one. Poster is also featuring with the text of movie name in red colour. This move has four posters.

3) Mechanic: Resurrection (26 Aug 2016): This movie is directed by the director Dannis Gansel and produce by David Winkler, William Chartoff and Frank DeMartini. This action movie is written by Brian Pittman, Philip Shelby, Rachel Long and Tony Mosher. In its cast Jason Statham, Sam Hazeldine, Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Alba and Michelle Yeoj comes. It is a action, crime and thriller movie. The distributor of Mechanic: Resurrection are Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate.

Story: This film is the sequel of the movie The Mechanic (2011). In this movie (the hero) Arthur Bishop’s partner Steve Mckenne who turned into his enemy in last chapter and dead at the end, turned his life. Because of this incident he decides to retire from his job of contract killer work. This movie is all about how his love get kidnap and how he has to complete three impossible missions in best way to get her love back. Must go to theatre to watch this action movie.

Reviews: coming soon…

Poster: In the official poster of Mechanic: Resurrection we can see that Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) and three different places in vertical view with movie name In White and Red colour. Poster also have the leading role actors name.

Now get ready and make your schedule according to the released dates of upcoming three August movies: Pete’s Dragon, Kubo And The Two Strings and Mechanic: Resurrection.

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