Love Punjabi Punjabi Movie Review

Love Punjabi is a Punjabi movie directed by Rajiv Dhingra. The main cast of the movie includes:

  • Amrinder Gill
  • Rana Ranbir
  • Sargun Mehta
  • Binnun Dhillon
  • Yograj Singh

Run Time: 2 Hours 10 Minutes

The film is about amarried couple Jessica (Sargun Mehta) and Pargat (Amrinder Gill)that is not living a very happy life. They are in fact thinking about separation due to many reasons. Their only son Manveer (Manveer Johal) has been a victim of racial discrimination in school making their lives even more difficult. As a result, parents decide to take their son back to Punjab, where all of them actually belong to. They want their son to see his ancestral village and explore his roots and culture. Jessica asks her father to show their son the real Punjabi songs and what this land is all about. Now the question is will Jessica and Pargat find their lost love in Punjab. Will their son love the land of his dreams? You will only find out once you have seen the film. Following is our analysis.

The director of the film, Rajiv Dhingra, has done a fabulous job. The movie deals with serious aspects such as separation, child psychology, drugs, corruption, child inequality and other similar issues. Mr. Dhingra has masterfully tackled all these issues in Love Punjabi. It is also pertinent to note that all these topics have already been addressed in mainstream cinema on number of occasions. Considering this fact in mind, Dhingra has really done a great job to transform this film into a box office gold mine.

Amberdheep Singh, the writer of the movie, manages to fascinate the audience with his screenplay right from the beginning. The screenplay moves effortlessly with no irritating songs and useless scenes.It is a really different movie about the impact of an impending divorce on the psyche of an innocent boy. The director manages to maintain a perfect balance between emotions and humor in this marriage story.

Amrinder Gill is definitely the star performer in this movie. He has played his role to the perfection in this film. Amrinder is flawless in the role which does not suit his typical style and choice of roles. On the other hand, the irresistible charm of Sargun Mehta has attracted thousands of people to watch this movie. Only she could add many dimensions and hues to a character which otherwise could be termed as boring and cliché. All other actors including Yograj Singh and Nimral Rishi have played their vital role in making this movie a comical and emotional masterpiece.

Finally, Love Punjabi is one great movie which can instantly inspire and fascinate any person right from the beginning. The movie was unoriginal yet taut and gripping. The blistering and vivid relation of Sargun Mehta and Amrinder Singh is enough to make you watch the entire movie. Every aspect of movie whether it is acting, direction, screenplay or editing is flawless, making this film a treat to watch.

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