American Action Thriller Movie – Sleepless

Sleepless is a latest upcoming American action thriller genre film directed by BaranboOdar and produced by Andrea Berloff and exclusively featuring Jamie Foxx and Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. who is well known as T.I.


Both Jamie Foxx and T.I acted as a Couple of corrupt Las Vegas cops who look for one of their kidnapped children. Sleepless also co-starred by well-known actors Michelle Monaghan, Dermot Mulroney, David Harbor, Gabrielle Union, and Scoot McNairy. The movie is made rich and led by Hollywood giants. Trailer looks promising, and plot also seems interesting.


Sleepless also debuted by other co-stars including a famous rapper T.I. Seen in Ant-Man, Dermot Mulroney (The Grey, Mozart in the Jungle), Scoot McNairy from Batman Vs Superman as Argo and David Harbour as well from Suicide Squad, End Of Watch.

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Sleepless is Open Road Films production’s remake of the 2011 French thriller movie Nuit Blanche, which debuted by Lizzie Brochere and PomKlementieff from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with listen punjabi songs. This action-thriller was scheduled to hit theaters on February 24, 2017, giving a strong rivalry against Lionsgate’s latest animated movie Rock Dog and Blumhouse’s thriller movie Get Out. However, it was recently said that would be releasing on January 13, where it will make audience choose between Paramount’s Monster Trucks and STX Entertainment’s The Bye Bye Man.


Initially post production of the movie started on June 15, 2015, through Atlanta, Georgia, and Las Vegas.


The movie plot is quite amusing as the story begins with a corrupt police investigator with a secret association with the underworld criminal discovers his mystery life uncovered when he and his accomplice are found taking cocaine from a kingpin and story takes a twist when his child has kidnaped.

The trailer is as usually filled with loads of ammo and guns with a mind-boggling car chasings and fights.


You must have seen how all that plays out in the original Sleepless trailer that appeared the previous fall. But however now another hindi mp3 music still from the motion picture has released, showing to us the strained, shameless relationship that Jamie Foxx has with Michelle Monaghan. Jamie is made to look at inward issues and frustrated as degraded cop as an aspect of his responsibilities, and isn’t really as awful as some of his associates.


Sleepless is being compared with famous movie Taken, with Foxx giving it his best shot to recover his child from some bad guys. They’ve taken out a significant part of the interest by uncovering that Foxx is a covert cop who is just putting on a show. Since this is an American redo of the French film Nuit Blanche (composed/coordinated by FrédéricJardin), they’ve changed another thing to zest things up.



While speaking to the media reports, producer Adam said

“It’s one of those stories that’s international. It’s a man fighting for his family and all the kind of interpersonal politics between the dirty cops was engaging, and was a fresh twist to the movie watch from (”.


Well if you guys are awaiting for this action thriller, just a few more days to hit the silver screen, stay tuned until then.

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